Chronology 1961-1970

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Founding of the Christian-Democratic World Union in Santiago de Chile.

9 July 1961
Signing of the EEC-Greece Association Agreement.

31 July, 9/10 August 1961
Ireland, Great Britain and Denmark apply for entry.

8 April 1965
Signing of the Merger Treaty creating a single Council and a single Commission for the ECSC, EEC and EURATOM. The Treaty came into effect in July 1967.

3 May 1965
The "Nouvelles Equipes Internationales" change their name to the European Union of Christian Democrats (EUCD). Mariano RUMOR (DC-Italy) was elected President. Leo TINDEMANS (CVP-Belgium) was appointed Secretary-General.

30 June 1965
Crisis in the Community over differences on the financing of the common agricultural policy, the budgetary powers of the European Parliament and the role of the European Commission: "crisis of the empty chair".

30 January 1966
The Luxembourg compromise: while this 'agreement to disagree' remained in force, individual Member States possessed, in contravention of the Treaties, a generalised right of veto whenever a vital national interest was held to be at stake. The CD Group never accepted this right.

9 March 1966
The German Joseph ILLERHAUS is elected Chairman of the Christian-Democratic Group.

10/11 May 1967
Second application for membership by Great Britain, Ireland and Denmark.

28 June 1968
The regulation on the Common Customs Tariff comes into force, the removal of tariffs and quotas on intra-Community trade having been accomplished 18 months ahead of schedule.

25 November 1969
The German Hans-August LüCKER is elected Chairman of the Christian-Democratic Group. He gave the Group a stronger basis at the national level by expanding its institutional and organizational links with the national Christian-Democrat parties in collaboration with the chairman of the EUCD, Mariano RUMOR. This was a necessary preliminary step towards the foundation of the European People's Party.

21/22 April 1970
Signing of the Treaty amending certain budgetary provisions and the decision on the replacement of the Member States' financial contribution by the Community's own resources and the expansion of the budgetary powers of the European Parliament.

27 April 1970
Founding of a permanent conference (within the EUCD) of leaders of Christian-Democrat parties and parliamentary groups in the Member States and the Bureau of the CD Group in the European Parliament.

30 June 1970
Opening of accession negotiations with Denmark, Ireland, Norway, and the United Kingdom.